With its contemporary design, this J2EE-compliant solution facilitates the handling of all standard forms of products. Domestic/Cross-border, Collection Services, Invoice Discounting, Dealer Financing, Supplier Financing, In-house Factoring (Shadow Ledger), Asset Based Lending with variations for Recourse/Non-Recourse, Notified/Non-Notified and Current Account / Invoice Level Funding. Moreover, to suit the diverse needs of each organization, it is available in a variety of deployment models -software as a service, ASP, rental and traditional licensing.

Solution Offered By : 3i-infotech


Kastle™ Factoring is a web-based, platform-independent solution that enables business transformation with efficient, integrated management of the various assets involved in the receivables finance business. This multi-currency system with international language support enables receivables finance institutions to help clients address key business issues like centralizing business operations, using resources optimally and leveraging technology investments via a comprehensive suite of receivables finance tools. It focuses on critical business issues like flexible product offerings, increased business volumes, rapid transaction turnaround and straight-through processing. The solution assures enhanced business efficiency, optimum productivity and maximized profitability.

Key Features

  • Easy configuration and transacting
  • Flexible product definition
  • Straight-through processing
  • Robust and proactive risk management
  • Powerful and user-friendly reporting tools
  • Facility for multiple accounts, each linked to separate products
  • Definable advance (funding) % for both client facility and client-debtor
  • Automated or discretionary allocation by matching receipts against invoices
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency processing

Key Differentiators:

  • Normal and reverse factoring on a single platform
  • Customer acquisition module
  • Credit risk analysis functionalities
  • End-to-end document management
  • Business Intelligence and KPI Dashboards
  • Risk scoring
  • Fraud detection and management
  • Parameterized accounting policies
  • User-definable online help feature
  • Client, Debtor and Employee portal

Key Customer Benefits:

  • Competitive advantage by leveraging straight-through processing for increased productivity, optimal resource utilization and better returns on investment
  • Centralized operations with full client life-cycle business process management (from customer acquisition to daily business operations)
  • Unmatched flexibility leading to strong customer relationship and improved loyalty
  • Shortened time-to-market; Proactive and efficient risk management
  • Full electronic integration with business partners; Electronic document management; Enterprise content management

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