Bizoforce is a Digital Tech company. We accelerate Digital solutions leveraging pre-built software and a network of best-of-breed suppliers. On the Demand side, we partner strategically with companies who seek Next-gen and Digital solutions to business problems, primarily in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Digital Products. On the Supply Side, we have the largest network of Technology Solution providers – product companies, and service providers, and direct access to the Developer community through our Giglancer platform and Recruitment partner network.

In addition, Bizoforce Open Innovation platform enables enterprises to discover and connect with startups on a “globally curated” platform. The platform also helps enterprises and startups to collaborate and build solutions. This platform is at

Our state-of-the-art Mobile Platform / App – “Innovation HQ” is available on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. This App leverages ChatGPT’s revolutionary technology to answer any Technology question you may have. In addition, it will provide you with a set of products and/or companies that can help you build the solution you seek.
The Technology companies and products on the Platform are curated, and ranked using the Bizoforce proprietary Scoring Methodology.

Bizoforce was launched by IT Services industry veteran Bala Palamadai to disrupt the Technology space, by challenging the Status Quo – based on Legacy sourcing approaches, Legacy Service Providers and Legacy engagement models – that resulted in sub-optimal solutions, huge costs and limited adoption of Transformational solutions in several organizations. Through adoption of its Platform, Bizoforce seeks to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce costs, and most importantly present Enterprises with Transformational & Innovative Digital Solutions.