Mini Track Dumper Mini Crawler Dumper For Sale Can Adapt To Complex Road Conditions Such As Paddy Fields, Marshes, Muddy Field Roads, Rugged Mountain Roads, Soft Grasslands And Deserts, Slippery Ice Surfaces And Snow, Transporting Freight Yards In Agricultural And Forestry Orchards, Water Conservancy Construction, Infrastructure Projects, Mine Sites And Other Places Are Widely Used.

Product Details:

1. Use Manual Struts To Dump, Compact Structure And Good Stability;
2. Chassis Absorb Advanced Technology For Transformation And Upgrade;
3. Crawler Walking, Small Turning Radius, And In The Crawler The Addition Of Steel Wires And Steel Sheets Increases The Service Life And Wear Resistance Of The Track;
4. The Size Of The Carriage Can Be Changed Freely, Which Is Convenient For Transporting Large Items.

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