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“Problem: With increasing global demand for quality natural products, the natural product industry (nutraceuticals, food & beverage ingredients, natural flavors, natural colors etc) is facing 3 major problems in the raw materials coming from natural sources:
a. High contamination in the form of pesticides, heavy metals, etc.
b. Low quality in terms of bio-active content and
c. Inconsistent availability due to seasonality etc.
As the demand for these products is increasing in markets such as USA, EU, Japan, Taiwan etc, the regulatory bodies such as USFDA, EFSA, JECFA etc are coming up with stringent quality standards. India is one of the major suppliers of natural extracts and ingredient formulations to these markets. Due to the above mentioned challenges, the extractors and ingredient manufacturers face regulatory rejections, high extraction costs and supply chain uncertainties.
Most of these problems originate from traditional agriculture practices which are not optimized for natural products industry.
 Solution: While most of the natural product value chain i.e. ingredient manufacturers, formulators, consumer brands are organized and regulated, agriculture, which is epicenter of these problems is largely unorganized.
Sattvaponics focuses on this part of the value chain and employs smart agriculture based on Internet-Of-Things (IOT), bio-sensors, precision nutrition and optimized post-harvest processing techniques to solve the three key challenges i.e. contamination, low bio-active contents and inconsistent availability.”

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