QLIKTAG Software – IoT Smart Products Cloud Platform

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QLIKTAG Software Inc. is an innovator of software solutions that bridge the gap between brands and buyers – fostering, trust, stronger relationships and more personalized connections between the two. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, QLIKTAG’s cloud-based software platform allows brands and manufacturers to deliver product information, deploy extended merchandising capabilities and set up interactive mobile experiences. This all takes place at the actual point of consideration where having instant access and critical information makes all the difference in purchasing decisions.

As global commerce becomes increasingly influenced by quality and availability for reliable information on demand, QLIKTAG has been working closely with global GS1 member organizations as well as manufacturers and brands to offer a software platform for product information management. QLIKTAG’s platform bridges the gap between the physical world and the digital realm for the next generation of consumers and brands.

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