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Group FiO is a leading provider of Innovative Business Solutions specializing in cloud-based Multi-Tenant ERP, CRM, Order Management and Retail applications.

The Solutions are aimed at small and medium businesses as the applications will enable them to manage and improve the efficiency of their core key business operations and bring everything under one single system.

Multi-Tenancy is the primary mode of delivery for the application which is more secure and reliable than the conventional SaaS systems, it can also be implemented on-premise or in Cloud servers. At Group FiO we sell software solutions to help independent and small retail chains build dynamic, functional online storefronts.

Our creative and technical services help our clients promote themselves, their products and services on-line, to increase revenue. Our software and services allow our customers to build a platform they can grow in order to leverage existing, emerging technologies and trends on the Internet.

Our services allow clients to tremendously increase marketing effectiveness while reducing the cost of hiring more staff.

Our services :

1.CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

2.Customer Data Platform

3.Retail marketing software

4.Omnichannel management system

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