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Anisrav IT Solutions provides comprehensive set of IT services in the following areas catering to small and medium enterprises,large enterprises and start ups:

Web Applications – On cloud and standalone servers

Mobile Applications – iOS, Android, Windows Phone OS

eCommerce Solutions – Magento

Search Engine Optimization Services – Organic and Pay per Click(PPC)

Anisrav Web Development Services
Enterprises face business challenges in managing and revamping existing information systems in the enterprise. Even though current information systems are functional, they lack many features and functionalities that are required of them. With escalating costs,technology getting obsolete, costly resources and changing business priorities,enterprises need a partner who can provide road map, implementation services in the chosen technologies and work with existing team so that the current information systems align to business objectives, and provide necessary analytics and insights.
Keeping enterprise requirements in mind, Anisrav providesfollowing services:

WebApplication feasibility & Road Map definition

UI designServices

Web Application redesign

Web Application development

Web Application maintenance & support

Anisrav Mobility Services
Last mile connectivity to end users is missing in the enterprises whether they are customers, partners, suppliers, vendors, employees and public. Mobility is helping enterprises close this gap. Since mobility penetration is recent in the enterprise and being a new customer engagement channel,enterprises are realizing the importance and value to the enterprise. In order to close this gap, enterprises are trying to create architecture, security, deployment strategy, tools and platforms. In terms of engagement, they are trying to revamp existing information systems or create new information systems, create the necessary skill sets whether they are UI/UX capabilities, programming and testing, and meet the requirements of the stakeholders in terms of time lines, budgets and functionality.
Anisrav is offering end-to-end mobility services so that enterprises can focus and work on urgent business priorities like analytics and insights. Anisrav mobility services give enterprises flexible engagement model where they can choose type of engagement based comfort, team and budget size. The engagement model can be tactical to partnership as well as flexible to dedicated mobility solutions delivery.
Anisrav provides following mobility services:

MobilityRoad Map /Architecture Definition

UI /UXDesign Services

Native/HybridMobile App Development – iPhone / iPad / Android / Windows Phone

Mobile App for Web AppS

Mobility App Testing Services

Anisrav eCommerce Services
Anisrav provides Magento eCommerce software implementation services to enterprises that are looking for an IT partner in implementing and managing the initiative end to end. With Anisrav partnership, enterprises gain an experienced eCommerce partner who can provide strategy, road map and implementation services:

MagentoeCommerce Application Development

UI/UXDesign Services




PaymentGateway Integration

Information Systems integration

Anisrav Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services:
Marketing managers face business challenges in terms of aligning marketing to business objectives, providing return on marketing investment, aligning enterprise to customer and making all business functions customer centric. In addition, they need to provide metrics and reports that can help enterprise identify areas of improvement and revamp. When it comes to web marketing, in addition to above challenges they need to handle website layout, website content, customer segments and value proposition. With various web marketing channels and myriad ways to reach the customers, they need an IT partner who can define a strategy for web marketing, road map and implementation schedule.
Anisrav provides various web marketing services based on the requirement:




Pay perClick


SocialMedia Marketing

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