The extensive variety of knives we produce for various applications range from a minimum diameter of 25 mm to a maximum of 700 mm and provide specific solutions for any cutting job.

Yansam Tools has been manufacturing knives for over thirty years to cut a great variety of materials, such as cartons, plastic, rubber, cork, deep-frozen goods, rubber pipes with or without metallic weft, carton tubes, and foams. To obtain the best result, it is important to define the required features of the tool. The knife material depends on what is being cut and on the customer’s productivity needs.

We use different steels which offer a wide range of solutions for all these applications. Knife shape is very important; standard shapes for ordinary applications are defined by the kind of sharpening, which can be a single or double bevel.

Circular knives are usually sharpened like linear blade knives and can be with or without teeth depending on the materials they have to cut. Technical advances in blade geometry and the experience we have acquired across several applications show that a specific tooth type or a particular notch considerably increases cutting performance for some materials. We normally manufacture knives for specific customer designs.

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