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My name is Blake, and I created Simply SEO because Search Engine Optimization is a field that is unnecessarily complicated and obscured for others benefit, when there are just a few simple things that you need to understand. I have been studying SEO and ranking websites for years now. I have taught myself through real world experience. If you had witnessed the rigorous standard I held myself to all these years, the mentors that I have had the great fortune to encounter, and all my failures, this wouldn’t surprise you in the least. I have a hell of a story, but one that is probably a little too juicy for an about page. For me, this is a way to create something I can be proud of, to connect with great people. I only want to hire and do business with people that are positive, driven, and at the end of the day try their very best to do the right thing regardless of the consequences. People that believe in people and want to see them succeed. Change, growth, prosperity. The simple rule is, these are things that one cannot have if one does not contribute to them. At least, not sustainably. They are also the right things to embrace, I feel. This is the way I do business, and it’s a philosophy I can get behind. In other words, it’s very…simple.

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