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Texas is a paradise for nature phrazle lovers because to its wide variety of landscapes, from lush woods and expansive deserts to spectacular canyons. There are more than 80 state parks in Texas, and many of them are excellent destinations for outdoor enthusiasts. Big Bend Ranch State Park, the biggest state park in Texas, has the same desert ecosystem as its more popular neighbor, Big Bend National Park. This state park in extreme West Texas on the U.S.-Mexico border provides a variety of outdoor activities for those seeking a more rough experience. As an International Dark Sky Park, the night sky is spectacular here.

There is a lot of history in these preserved areas. About 13,000 years ago, humans settled in Texas, but the area has a long history of ancient animal habitation. Pictographs, petroglyphs, prehistoric structures, and even dinosaur footprints may all be seen by modern-day parkgoers in Texas. If you’re seeking for adventure, history, or beautiful scenery, go no further than these 16 top Texas state parks.

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