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Screenshot of Pvt. Ltd. was started in 1998. It is a Belgian owned, Indian software development company currently employing 110 qualified resources in various software technologies and domains, and is exclusively serving IT companies worldwide. It is head quartered in Chennai, India and has liaison offices in Belgium, Denmark and The Netherlands. Insoft from its conception has pioneered an innovative outsourcing model, which we call Remote Development. In the remote development model, the aim of the client should be long term cooperation with Insoft. The client in this model is mostly an IT company. Using this approach, the in-house staff of the client has more time to spend with customers, make better analysis, ensure better documentation, and focus on delivering a high level application and managing the project. Other than in the normal outsourcing model, here the initial focus is on building a sustainable, productive and cost effective team. The client, knowing the kind of projects he will get, composes a team for himself, along with Insoft, which will take him across projects and will be with him, as long as both “partnersâ€ï† work together. The client has an active say in the formation of the team, has the opportunity to interact with the entire team, rather than only with the Project Manager, and has the right to ask replacement for a non-performing team member. After formation of the team, the entire team is trained in the systems and procedures of the client, so that the offshore team factually works in an identical way as the client, ensuring that both the client team and the offshore team integrate seamlessly. The clients project manager is fully in charge of the entire workflow, and he decides what will happen when, and how. Depending on the team size, and the stage of development, he communicates with the Account manager in charge. He has access to all daily reports, and can therefore follow the entire development process in real time. The team is kept together across projects so that repetition of the initial communication issue can be avoided, and productivity per team member is increased in time. The cost of a remote development team is substantially lower. The client Project Manager oversees and controls activities of the offshore team, responsibility for the end product lies with him, and not with Insoft. Naturally, before the start of any project, deadlines and standards will be agreed.

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