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To the perfectionist, every achievement brings to mind just one question ‘What’s next?’. What comes after months of ideation, years of meticulous detailing and much deserved success? Start over and begin anew with the same energy and a completely fresh perspective.
It is this ethos that drives Forum Projects, one of India’s leading concept reality developers. Since our inception, we’ve embraced ‘start from scratch’ as a mindset, not just words for motivation. Because we don’t want to be satisfied with what we see, what we saw. We want to see what hasn’t been seen and then start all over again. Forum Mall and Technopolis, are the result of this ability to constantly see things in a new light. Forever seeking fresh challenges, we are now on the fast track to growth. We have initiated several marquee projects across India with a recent entry into, Mumbai. Even as we break new ground and strive to reach higher, we never forget to ask ourselves ‘what’s next?’

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